Friday, April 17, 2009

Not in Hays

1. What i first notice is the clouds and the snow, and how the snow on the ground looks almost like a mirror image of the clouds. I also notice the green hill in the foreground ad the bare mountains in the background. 
2. The photo is a mountain range with a blue sky and clouds, basically your typical photo of any mountain range
3. All the lines that this photo is composed of run horizontally. The neutral grey mountains also make for a divider between the bright green hill, and a bright blue sky.
4. THis photo tells the same story as a few of my other mountain scenes, except this one is on the way back and the mountains are higher and more extreme. A simple word to describe this picture would be Vast.
5. Joseph Mallord WIlliam Turner's paintings and my photo both contain a lot of color and detail, but his paintings are more expressive, and brighter than my photo.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hays Sunset

1.When i first see this picture i see how barren and flat the horizon looks. I also notice the most noticeable thing, and that is the telephone wires which are strung down the picture. 
2. The photo is a sunset with blaze orange towards the horizon, and a blue sky at the top. You can also see the silouhettes of telephone wires, a barn, and trees. 
3. The Photo is basically balanced due to the telephone poles down the middle, but their is a barn off to the right that may make it seem a little off-balanced. The orange and blue in the sky complimenting each other make for good color. 
4. The only story this picture would tell of life in hays, and what there is to see; barns, telephone wires, and trees. 
5. The colors in his paintings are a little bleak, but more colors are present. 

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fire in the sky

1. When i first look at this photo i notice the blue and the orange in the clouds. I also see the silohuette of the mountain, and the reflection on the cars.
2. It is a picture of  a black silohuette of a mountain and you can see a few trees against a sky that is radiating orange and at the top of the sky and the clouds you can see the blue sky meeting the orange glow.
3. the higher mountain on the left would make this photo unbalanced, but since you have more clouds and reflected cars on the right it is pretty well balanced. The orange and blue in the sky make a great contrast due to each of them being complementary colors. The picture is nicely divided by the horizon of the mountains. 
4. The only story this tells is how much beuty there is in the mountains.
5. The colors in Elizabeth Murray's works are more elementary looking, and simple. The colors in my photo are not as simple and my photo also is landscape, and contains lots of black in the picture. 

Friday, March 13, 2009


1. My first thoughts of this photo is that there is a strong light and dark side of my face.  I notice the background how it is symmetrical, along with the face. 
2. The photo is a picture of my face, i am wearing aviator glasses, and the photo is in black and white my left side of my face is completely blacked out and my right side has light on it.
3. The photo contains mostly light values but the dark values are in the middle of the photo, and on my face the glasses balance out the values on my phace. 
4. The photo represents the summer and the fun times during the summer. The aviators I am wearing represent this because i would always wear them when shooting air-soft guns with some of my friends. The one word to describe this photo would be "summer". 
5. Compared to some of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres portraits mine contains more of an example of chiaroscuro. Also his showed more than just a face, also his were mostly paintings.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sleepy Pug

1. what first stands out to me is the focal point which is the face and ear of my dog. I notice the position she is in. Also, the shadows and the light stand out and grab my attention.
2. The picture is a side shot of my dog lying down on the ground. You can see from the mid section up, but the light shining through the sky light is casting a light spot over her shoulders and head. She is laying in the warm sun.
3. I think the values are very strong in this photo, the line quality also stands out. The focal point is in the middle of the picture, and the composition is balanced and well done.
4. A simple word for this photo would be "lazy". basically this photo illustrates the character, and personality of my dog. She is lazy, relaxed, and awesome.
5. While having a completely different style, and medium. My photo is like William Kentridge's work in the fact that they both deal with strong values, and the figure or subject fits into the background or foreground well.

Friday, February 27, 2009

1. when i first look at this photo i notice the beat up wood edge on the top board, the broken, layered board in the middle and  the worn, scratched trucks at the top and bottom of the picture. 
2. there is the front view of a skateboard that has been snapped, and the grip tape is visible, it has multi colored markings all over it. Under that is the other half of the same board, but flipped over. All you can see is the edge to which the board snapped. You see all the layers it is made of. At the bottom is a close up shot of the axel of one of the trucks, you see how it is scratched. in the background you see a blurred, but still recognizable truck. 
3. All the lines are running horizontal in this photo. The balance of the lights and darks go well with each other. The whole page is filled with the subject and the lines are clearly defined. 
4. The story this photo tells to me is that of a past board i used, and the complete, in-tact one i have now laying under it. It's basically old memories on top of new ones waiting to be discovered.
5.  My picture is like Richard Serra's works in that there is a smooth plane and then texture somewhere in there. But mine is more of a layered look and his are single pieces. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

1.what i first notice is all the reflections on the car and the angle that the photo is shot at. 
2. In the photo is my 1975 chevy nova, it is photographed at the front driver side headlight with a little sight of the driver side of the car. The car is also surrounded by trees. The car is seen at tire level on the car. 
3.  The picture is a little weighted on the left side, but the trees on the right help to balance it out a little. A good portion of the dark values is towards the bottom, but the values at the top of the car and the trees going out of the picture help to solve this problem. The composition leads your focal point to the hubcap on the wheel. 
4. The photo tells a story of a great car, and the care that goes behind making the car look like it is in the photo. 
5. My photo and Edward Ruscha's pictures are simular in the way that they both contain perspective. But my photo deals with rounded objects ( tires, wheels, body, and the windows). His pictures contain many straight, and sharp objects that are in perspective.